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Bear Fruits

Bear Fruits Hair Mask + Cap Coconut Moisture Hydration 20ml

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Bear Fruits Hair Mask + Cap Coconut Moisture Hydration 20ml

Helps bring your dry hair back. In addition to hydrating and nourishing your hair fiber in depth, this mask also provides you with a fun moment through its ridiculously adorable coconut shaped cap.

Inspired by Korean beauty in order to provide you with an intense hair mask that allows you to have a fun time while taking care of your hair. In this case, this product works as a face mask, only directed to your hair. Moreover, as a first step you should apply the content of the mask all over your hair. Then, as a fun part, you have to put on your head a ridiculously adorable and colorful cap in the shape of a coconut. Then just wait 30 minutes and that's it, your hair is completely transformed!

Specifically, this mask is enriched with Coconut Oil, ideal for hair that needs intense hydration and nourishment. By penetrating deeply into your hair fibers, they become more nourished, shiny and therefore healthier. Furthermore, your hair ends up with an incredible coconut aroma that will delight anyone who passes by! In short, this hair mask provides a deep conditioning and nourishing care leaving your hair healthier, shiny and nourished. You still end up with the softest and silkiest hair.