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5 x Colgate Optic White Pro Series 4 Replacement Brush Heads fit any Colgate Pro Clinical Electric Toothbrush

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5 x 4 Pack of Replacement Toothbrush Heads (total 20 replacement brush heads)

Colgate Optic White Pro Series replacement toothbrush heads fits any Colgate ProClinical Electric Toothbrush.

The whitening brush head refills has 5 x plaque removal (At the gum margin after 4 weeks vs. a manual flat-trim toothbrush) and starts whitening from day 1 (By removing surface stains. Results may vary).

The whitening electric toothbrush replaceable head features:
- Compact head to clean back teeth
- Spiral bristles help remove surface stains
- Soft rubber strips polish teeth
- Soft, thin-tipped bristles sweep along gum line
- Tongue and cheek cleaner helps remove odour causing bacteria

Dentists and hygienists recommended replacing your toothbrush refill every 3 months.

After use, rinse toothbrush head thoroughly, shake off excess water, and store upright.