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4 x Skin by Gillette 4 pack Exfoliating Blades

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4 x Skin by Gillette 4 pack Exfoliating Blades

4 blades in 1 pack, receive 16 blades

SKIN by Gillette Razor Blade Refills is specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps.

The razor shaves hair and guards skin due to its unique SkinGuard positioned between the blades. It works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation. The razor provides gentle exfoliation benefit.

- Lubrification before and after the blades with a touch of Aloe for glide and comfort.
- Skinguard Technology that protects skin from the blades with it's position between the blades to smooth skin.
- Gentle exfoliation with two blades designed for men with skin irritation,razor bumps and razor burn.

UPC 4987176036834