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4 x Revlon Colorstay Brow Shape And Glow 265 Blonde - Eyebrow

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4 x Revlon Colorstay Brow Shape And Glow 265 Blonde

Precisely fill and highlight for natural-looking brows. The ultra-fine felt tip brow marker applies smoothly to shape and fill brows. The universally flattering highlighter is a smooth powder formula that blends effortlessly and illuminates brow bone.

A simple dual-ended eyebrow marker and highlighter to fill and lift brows for natural-looking fullness to eyebrows. The felt tip marker draws ultra-fine, precise, hair-like strokes. Designed so the ink flows smoothly through the tip, for fluid and natural-looking lines.

The universally flattering highlighter on the opposite end of the marker gives your brows the look of an instant life. The spring-loaded cushion illuminates your brow bones with smooth powder that blends effortlessly.

Size: Marker: 0.6mL
Powder: 0.23g


To Use: Use the Brow Marker to draw fine, precise, hair-like strokes working from the inner corners outwards.
Always follow the natural direction of your hair growth. At the inner corners, apply in an upward motion and the switch to diagonal and horizontal as you move outwards.
Then use the highlighter to lift and brighten the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.


UPC 309972258045