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4 x Epzen Magnesium Body Lotion Soothe 100ml

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4 x Epzen Magnesium Body Lotion Soothe 100ml

Expiry 02/2024

Nurture your weary body and mind. Restore the balance and find comfort following physical or mental exertion. EpZen Soothe Body Lotion is a calming blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils, natural magnesium and skin-nourishing ingredients intended to be part of your soothing ritual – whenever you need it, throughout your day.

- Infused with 100% natural essential oils
- Designed for tired muscles
- Balancing essential oil blend, lavender, sweet birch, cedarwood, clary sage, fir needle, geranium

Rub into the skin well, focusing on areas of the body that are feeling tired or need hydration. For best results, massage into aching muscles.

UPC 9317222000277